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We have 15+ years experiences in software development Android/iOS/Windows with in-depth proficiency C/C++, Java, PHP, and .NET,... Exceptional software developers and technology consultant with unique experience in a range of technology fields!
  • TCP/IP, Socket Programming, Multithreading, Client/Server applications

  • Internet Web content filter, Web services,....

  • Photography, Photo beauty makeover, Beauty makeup virtual,....

  • Android/iOS/Windows platforms applications,...

"We value my clients' thoughts, opinions, ideas, and their passion towards what they want to achieve".

1. Here are some key strengths

  • First-to-market rapid application development

  • Collaborative development with strong sales and marketing input

  • Simple, creative, new technology, and innovative solutions

  • Excellent interpersonal communications

  • Experience in many different industries

2. Platforms:

  • Mobile applications: Android/iOS/Windows phone

  • Desktop applications

  • Linux services

Hire us for your work

It's always difficult to compare apples to apples when you compare technology consultants but We offer a few things for you to consider. If your company wants to hire a programmer there are many hidden costs and caveats:

  • You are limited by the talent you are able to find within your area. What are the chances the best person for the job is living in your area and unemployeed? If he or she is capable, then he or she is already working! Don't forget about recruiting costs, possible relocation costs, new hire bonuses, and your own human resource costs long before a single line of code is written.

  • Having a programmer on staff means physical costs including the computer, the operating system, and thousands of dollars in development tools that must be licensed for each developer. Additional quality tools cost even more.

  • Having any employee on staff is a commitment. You have a commitment to provide costly health insurance, tax costs , vacation time and a variety of other "loaded" costs. You're also limited on how and when you may be able to terminate the employee.

If you want your project done right, ask the right questions. Have more questions, please send email to: yubitusoft@gmail.com. We will help you with a lowest costs!

What customer say about us

"Excellent Quality and always on shedule with his deliveries. I will use again and again". Schumilmor from US

"One of the best coders on advances web programming! did amazing work for us after so many coders... finally someone did what he promised and always willing to do extra...". Edangeller from US

"This worker made my first experience a good one. I was very nervous, but he surpassed my expectations. Very good communication, quick turnaround, good quality,..." Geogelh from US

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